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Explore the use and history of herbs. Discuss methodologies used today that incorporate their use for health and healing.

Welcome  to the world of herbs! The use of herbs is centuries old. Whether you are just starting your foray into the herb field, or you have done extensive study, we can all share and learn. Here we discuss modalities that utilize herbs in different ways and we all can learn something new. 

Did your Grandmother use "home remedies" for your ailments? That was more than likely an herbal remedy. Old wives tales? Many are based on factual use of plants and herbs that were handed down through generations.  Have you used the aloe vera plant for a burn? That is a remedy learned from the Indians.  

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Are you of Native American ancestry? Your culture is rich in the history and use of native plants. Most herbal uses in the Americas were taught to the European immigrants by the Native Americans who befriended them. Of course the plants or herbs used vary depending upon what part of the country they were in, due to the change in climate and plant life.

Perhaps you are of Chinese ancestry.  The Chinese have used herbal medicines for thousands of years, and still do so extensively today.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic and considers all aspects of the person, with many avenues to return health and balance.All of these combine to give us a large, complex network to glean from.  With increased knowledge we can live a more healthy life and help others as well.

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Learning about herbs can take you off into many different directions, it is such a diverse subject. You may think you know what you want to research and learn about, but before you know it you've taken a wide detour out into left field!

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Herbal knowledge can be a very fun and exciting exploration that can take you places you never dreamed of.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Some methodologies we will explore are homeopathy, naturopathy, essential oils therapy, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, iridology, the obvious herbology, organic gardening, herbal teas and infusions, and herbal extracts.

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In order to grow this site, we need your help with input to create a wide range of information and tips. Do you have a favorite remedy?  Do you use certain herbs in cooking?  Do you grow your own herbs?  

Send us your recipes and tips and we will post your favorites here to share with others.  If you have a gift, please share it with the rest of us who may not be as blessed.

Books on these subjects are available at this link Herbal Information